Fleming's Sugar Mill


Howard Parish map showing location of portion 173, taken up by Robert Fleming in 1865. The site on the corner of the Peak downs Highway and Horse and Jockey Road at present is taken up by houses on the Racecourse Mill Estate.

Robert Fleming was a Blacksmith who had arrived in Mackay on 31st January 1863.  

Fleming bought portion 173 in the parish of Howard at a public auction of crown land on 31 October 1865.

In March 1872, he advertised his blacksmith shop to let, having recently bought a small crushing plant, which had won a prize at the Sydney Agricultural Show.  The mill was designed to be either operated by horse or bullock power, or could be easily converted to steam power.  It was probably on the site of the present Racecourse mill on 15 acres of land.  It is unknown how long this mill operated for, possibly only one season, as such small mills proved to be uneconomical.

Fleming sold 10 acres to the Racecourse Central Mill Company which was confirmed on 23 February 1887. The Racecourse mill was subsequently built and commenced crushing in 1888.

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