Cattle Creek Sugar Mill

1906 - 1990

Cattle Creek Mill, Finch Hatton (Source: Jubilee of Mackay 1912)

The impetus to develop a new sugar mill in the Finch-Hatton district resulted following the extension of a tramline to Finch Hatton which was opened on 4 November 1904. Cane from the district at that time was transported to Racecourse mill for crushing. 

A prospectus was issued and 20,000 shares at 1 each however it did not attract enough applications. A subsequent prospectus was issued and 15,000 shares had been applied for. The first directors elected were:- Alex Barclay, J. F. Burke, James Comerford, P. R. Douglas, Sam Lambert, A. Rick, and George Wolfe.  

A mill was constructed from crushing plant obtained from the old Habana Mill, buildings from River Estate, some machinery and plant from Nindaroo and effets from Yeppoon. The mill commenced in September 1906. The development of the mill was unusual for the times as it was done with no government financial assistance.

The first crushing processed 14,674 tons of cane.

The first manager of the mill was George Wolfe who had previously been manager of the Racecourse Mill and whose efforts had helped in the establishment of the Cattle Creek Mill.

In July 1929 the mill became a co-operative mill.

The mill undertook extensive reconstruction in 1949 to increase the crushing rates to 75 tons per hour.

The mill was nearly destroyed by a fire that started in the bagasse lofts in October 1952 however it was contained before it engulfed the mill.

On 1 February 1988 the mill merged with Farleigh, Racecourse, Marian and North Eton Mills to form the Mackay Sugar Co-operative Association Limited.

The Cattle Creek Mill had always been the smallest mill in the district and as part of rationalisation plans the Mill crushed for the last time on 8 November 1990.

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