Balmoral Sugar Mill

1873 - 1880

A 1908 Parish Map showing the approximate location of the Balmoral Mill.  It was located from about the Sugar Research Institute to Webberley Street.

Balmoral mill was located on land now occupied by the Sugar Research Institute on Nebo Road.  William Hyne owned Balmoral plantation in partnership with G.F. Bridgman.  In 1873 Hyne had a mill built to order by Walker's foundry at Maryborough. It arrived on the barque City of Melbourne at the end of July that year.  It was a single crushing  mill with 3 foot long rollers, a plate iron battery of five pans, three clarifiers, two centrifugals and two Wetzell open pans.  It first began crushing in late October 1873.

The manager, Angus Bell, made modifications to the tubing of the pans to both save fuel and decrease the boiling time, which improved the colour of the sugar.  About 1873 Hyne replaced his Bourbon cane with Black Java, which was a smaller plant with greater sugar content.  In 1874 it yielded almost three tons of sugar per acre, or nearly twice what the Bourbon had.  The mill ceased crushing after Hyne took over the Meadowlands Mill.  Balmoral mill was later moved to Marian and re-erected there in 1882.


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