Charles Edwards - Finch Hatton

c. 1929 - 1931

Charles Edwards was born in 1867 in Hereford, England.  Charles emigrated to Australia and for a time went to New Zealand until ill health beset him and he returned to Australia.  Upon regaining his health he moved to the Finch Hatton area.

He first farmed west of Finch Hatton at Byer Siding in partnership before purchasing the cordial factory.  He later sold the factory and went farming in the Finch Hatton Gorge area.

Charles married Matilda Mary Parrott in 1906. Their family of nine children consisted of William, Harry Charles, Matilda Jane, George Thomas, Jessie Catherine, Frederick John, Arthur Stephen, James Alexander and Stanley Andrew.

Information Sources:

Nash, Kay. (2000). Finch Hatton and Cattle Creek Memories. Finch Hatton, QLD: Finch Hatton Cattle Creek Mill Reunion Committee. p. 42-44.


Edwards Stone Ginger Beer Bottle 

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