Wills' Hotel

formerley known as Mackay Hotel, Royal Hotel.

Was located on the North-eastern corner of Victoria Street and Sydney Street,

Andrew Henderson was the first owner of the property and established a general store on the site. He also established the first hotel on the site, the "Mackay Hotel". Thomas Read was the next licensee on site of the first "Royal Hotel" which was then transferred to Jane Cook.  In 1870, Korah Wills arrived in Mackay and the name changed to "Wills' Hotel".  Mrs Cook built another Royal Hotel in Sydney Street a few doors up towards the Pioneer River. The original hotel building was destroyed by fire on February 21, 1889. A new brick building reopened on November 1, 1889. The hotel was described in 1907 as being the only brick hotel in Mackay.
The Hotel ceased trading on Saturday, February 1, 1964 as the property was to be sold for commercial development and renamed Kumara House. (DM 26/2/2000). The present building houses a number of commercial businesses and has been extensively modified over the years.

Wills' Hotel circa  1870's 

A busy Sydney Street with Wills' Hotel on the corner circa early 1930's. 

A quieter street scene with Wills' Hotel on the corner circa mid 1940's. 


List of Publicans

(as Mackay)
1864-1865 Andrew HENDERSON (QHPI)
(as Royal )
1864-1865  Thomas READ (QHPI)
1865-1869 Jane COOK (QGG), (QHPI)
1869-1870 Jas. COOK (QHPI)
1870 Korah Halcombe WILLS (QHPI)
(as Wills' name changed in 1870 (QHPI)
1870-1874 Korah Halcombe WILLS (QHPI)
1874-1879  Charles Robert DUTAILLIS (QHPI)
1879-1880 George Page MARSH (QHPI)
1880-1882 Korah Halcombe WILLS (QHPI)
1882-1884 Herbert GARDNER (QHPI)
1884-1885 George JENKINS (QHPI)
1885-1888 H.W. JOHNSON (QGG), (QHPI)
1887-1888 Edmund DIMMOCK (QGG), (QHPI)
1888-1889 Edward. MOCKRIDGE (QGG), (QHPI)
1894-1896 Edmund DIMMOCK (QGG), (QHPI)
1896-1900 N.C. MORTHENSEN (QGG),  (QHPI), (QPOD)
1899-1904 A.R. WHITE (QGG),  (QHPI), (SLQA)
1905 Edward HANNAN (QGG)
1906-1908 Charles FROGGATT (QGG), (SLQA)
1909 Thomas McGUIRE (QGG)
1910 Hans Christian PETERSEN (QGG), (QSA1)
1910-1914 George Herbert Henry ALEXANDER (QGG), (QSA1), (QSA2)
1914-1916 John Thomas MILLARD (QSA2)
1916-1922 George Bergen FAY (QSA2), (QSA3), (QSA4)
1922-1924 John Joseph NOONAN (QSA4), (QSA5), (QSA6)
1924-1925 Thomas MALPASS (QSA6)
1925-1927 James Alexander LOVE (QSA6), (QSA7)
1927-1935 Hugh John HAMILTON (QSA7), (QSA8), (QSA9), (QSA10), (QSA11)
1935 S.B. Wright and Wright executors of will of Hugh John HAMILTON deceased (QSA11)
1936-1944 Bridget HAMILTON (QPOD)
1944-1946 Mabel SMITH (JB), (QPOD)
1949 G. J. PLUMB (QPOD)


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