Albion Hotel

This hotel was located on Northern bank of Bakers Creek at intersection of Bold and Dutton Streets. O'Shea's Hotel presently occupies the site

The Albion Hotel was built in 1872. Dame Nellie Melba when she was just Nellie Armstrong sang at the Hall in the 1880's.  Norman Hiram Smith owned the Albion Hotel from 1947-1958. (JB)
The hotel was destroyed by fire on Wednesday, April 15, 1964. The eight people in the hotel, including three children escaped only minutes before it became a blazing inferno (DM. 26/2/2000). The present O'Sheas Hotel-Motel was built on site in 1964.

Albion Hotel and Hall circa early 1960's (Cook collection, Greenmount Homestead no: 84-6936)

Albion Hotel fully ablaze, 15 April 1964 (Mackay Historical Society no: 05-2153a)

Albion Hotel the ruins on the morning after (Mackay Historical Society no: 05-2153e)

List of Publicans

1872-1873 Archibald McDONALD  (QHPI p.8)   
1873-1879 Barbara McDONALD     (QHPI p.8),(QHPI p.345), (QGG)   
1880-1882 William LOBIE     (QHPI) (QHPI p.285)   
1883-1901 Barbara McDONALD     (QHPI p.8),(QHPI p.345), (QGG)   
1901-1908 James PASCOE (QGG)
1909-1910 Frode Ludwig Sigmund JORGENSEN (QSA1), (QGG)
1910-1912 James Matthew PASCOE (QSA1), (QGG)
1912 Thomas DYMOND (QSA1)
1912-1914 Mrs W.H. (Annie) DEE (QSA1), (QSA2), (QGG)
1914-1915 Thomas SYMONDS (QSA2)
1915-1921 James PASCOE (QSA2), (QSA3), (QSA4)
1921-1922 Herbert T.W. PEACOCK (QSA4)
1922-1925 Diana Frances SHEPHERD (QSA4), (QSA5), (QSA6)
1925 John Ernest WHITE (QSA6)
1927-1930 George E. ADAMS (QSA7), (QSA8)
1930-1935 Archibald Maltravers BRIDGER (QSA8), (QSA9), (QSA10), (QSA11)
1937-1944 Talbot W. BOLGER (QPOD)
1945 Robert J. STONEHAM (QPOD)
1946 Harold K. EDDINGTON (QPOD)
1947-1949 Oswald J. PITMAN (QPOD)
1954-1958 Norman Hiram SMITH (JB)
1957-1964 Darcy O'SHEA


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